April 12, 2018
The magazine of the Chief Engineer published the next April issue, which published an article by Dmitry Kozlov, Director General of Tactise, on modern approaches to automating work management associated with significant risks.
In the article "Vigilant INDORA", readers are introduced to an IT solution, the ideology of which is the creation of a unified information space within the "digital enterprise". Tactise IT solution is a fundamentally new approach to the organization of a modern high-tech enterprise. It allows you to get maximum information in a minimum of time. INDORA (ed. - abbreviation Isolation of Energy Sources, Attitudes-Tolerances, Risk Assessment, Audits) of the class of systems of IISBD 2.0., Which the publication of the magazine tells about, is intended to coordinate and safely perform all production tasks, primarily performed on work-ups . The relevance of the publication was once again emphasized by one of the discussion topics of VNOT 2018 in the city of Sochi: many company managers together with engineers and technicians are focused on solving issues of accident prevention through the automation of work safety, the ability of IT systems to integrate into the overall operating environment, affect safety and production efficiency and also to minimize the human factor.