Behavior-based approach in risk-management for HSE
Basic functions of maintenance servise
Maintenance and
repair of equipment
Inspections and Audits
Purchase of spare parts
Provision of MRO tools and technologies *
Compliance with regulations
Common issues
when there is no effective maintenance strategy there is always are:
Personnel injury
Increased costs for maintenance and repair of equipment
Stops and interruptions in production
Degradation in product quality
Forced shutdown of non-compliant equipment
World's best practice solution:
  • Conducting a professional "survey" or audits of the maintenance and repair system
  • Application of risk-based approach to MRO
  • Developing an optimal MRO strategy
  • Use of effective digital instruments for control and organization of MRO
  • Ensuring effective procurement control for MRO needs
  • Creating a transparent system and finding hidden costs
  • Implement and apply advanced efficiency metrics
  • Introduction of MRO philosophy and regulations
  • Staff training on best practices MRO
  • Development of leadership skills in the field of "increasing equipment reliability"
  • Development of rapid assessment measures for alternatives and emergency decision-making mechanisms
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly monitoring of the effectiveness of activities
  • Formation of self-developing system and support of its effectiveness
Developing a maintenance strategy
Automation & Digitization
Training of staff and managers
Сost analysis
Maintenance optimization project
by Tactise
Tactise OPTO was designed together with extractive and process industry experts.
In this project, we have used best practices of global leaders in business excellence. We have adapted their processes, tools and philosophy for our customers.
OPTO® makes an efficient and integral part of company operations culture thanks to:
- Systematic approach to process planning
- Staff and management training
- IT tools which accelerate operations and reduce the risk of a human error
- Powerful and long-term MRO management strategy
- The project leads to up to 20% savings in MRO.

We carry out the implementation of the OPTO program at the enterprise and staff training in all areas of the OPTO program. The level of training depends on the degree of employee involvement in the process. As part of this course, the listener will receive the full amount of information about the advanced MRO strategy based on world practice in the MRO area and the basic principles of the OPTO program. The implementation of the OPTO program is a targeted solution for organizing an effective MRO process.

The basic course "Advanced MRO Strategy and Basic Principles of the OPTO System", duration 8 hours, is designed for:
  • Managers of companies or enterprises where the OPTO program is planned to be implemented.
  • Heads of maintenance and repair services
  • Heads of structural divisions of the MRO departments.
up to -20% of maintenance cost reduction
-60 % reduction of incidents and shutdowns
Digital MRO management
Cutting edge IT tools to manage MRO system fast and effective
In-person examination
current level of control, reliability and MRO
  • Adaptation of philosophy and management regulations
  • Adaptation of methods and tools of OPTO
  • Formation of OPTO management teams
  • Development of plan for implementation
  • Development of OPTO targets
  • Training for managers and workers in accordance with their role in the OPTO process
  • Development of leadership skills in the field of reliability
Implementing the OPTO practise
  • Face-to-face consultations: analysis of case studies in production, participation in project activities
  • Communication support: materials, recommendations for information support
  • Remote support: answering questions, checking and analyzing documents
  • Monthly review of work status and meeting with recommendations for adjustments
Software implementation
Implementing of basic and special modules of INDORA system
  • Assessment of the OPTO system implementation status
  • Recommendations for continuous improvement

Tactise experts carry out work on all elements of the risk management system: both on the system as a whole and on its individual elements
Founder & CEO
Dmitry Kozlov is one of the leading experts in HSE and operational excellence in Russia and CIS. Founder and CEO of Tactise company.
Heading the HSE and Process Safety units in ExxonMobil and Shell subsidiaries, working with variety of mining and metallurgy companies, Dmitry introduced new Safety & Excellence approach. Dmitry is also a holder of PhD «Human factor management on HSE" at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys.

Elena is a trainer in various HSE areas with many years of experience. Elena has implemented many projects in a risk-based approach to safety and production efficiency. By picking up an approach to personnel of various levels and specialties, Elena effectively establishes communication and creates a positive atmosphere in her trainings.
Artem is a consultant who provide Operational Excellence and Process Safety knowledge and skills in Oil and Gas industry.
Shell and Exxon Mobil major projects experience gives him imagination of the best-in-class business processes.
Artem is eager to develop solutions, share best practices and drive inmprovements around the Globe.
All Tactise consulting solutions are reinforced by cutting edge modular software INDORA
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