"NORNIKEL" - the world leader in the mining industry thanked Tactise for
"Risk Control"

Labor protection and industrial safety are strategically important issues at Norilsk Nickel, because it is not a secret to anyone that the mining industry is one of the most dangerous trades. The company is constantly looking for the best global practices that can effectively protect personnel from industrial injuries and create safe working conditions on their sites. After reviewing proposals from the best international and domestic providers in the field of industrial safety and analyzing their advantages, Norilsk Nickel focused on Tactise, which has been introducing its products in various industries for many years. In 2016, Tactise began working with Norilsk Nickel to train personnel and the implementation of processes aimed at improving the system of labor protection and industrial safety. The results of the implementation of one of the advanced products of Tactise - the Risk-Control system were not long in coming. Already during the implementation, this system of processes allowed to significantly reduce the number of accidents and injuries received at the company's sites and qualitatively change the attitude of staff to their own safety.

The Risk-Control risk management system from Tactise is a highly effective tool consisting of trainings, processes, communications and audits gathered from the world's best practices, tested by time. The system aims to minimize injuries, incidents and make the work of enterprises stable. Such practices are designed not only to take care of the staff, but also to improve the efficiency of production, since the right investment in industrial safety always pays off quickly.
Tactise is grateful for such a high rating and are grateful to the Norilsk Nickel team for their activity and desire to make their production one of the safest in the industry. Without the active involvement of all participants, and most importantly the understanding of the importance of improving labor protection systems, such significant results would be extremely difficult to achieve in such a short time.
Igor Rakhimov, Director of the Department of Industrial Safety, Occupational Safety and Environment, MMC Norilsk Nickel and Dmitry Kozlov, General Director of Tactise)