INDORA is introduced to the European Business Association

March 17, 2017
The European Business Association Conference Center hosted a round table on "Effective models in the field of occupational safety and health", during which Tactise presented its IT solution aimed at preventing the human factor from affecting the safety of the work process.
The development of the company Tactise is called INDORA (Insulation, Work Permits, Risk Assessment, Audits). This system does not allow to violate the regulations established in the company, and combines all the elements of the security system and production efficiency into a single electronic control system.
INDORA can be integrated with other corporate applications, such as the maintenance management system (CMMS), the personnel management system (PMS), the production performance management system (Production Dashboard), the shift transmission system (Shift Handover) and others.
Many participants of the round table, OTiPB professionals from various industries, shared their practical experience in the organization of safe activities and took part in the discussion of the possibilities and practices of using the INDORA system. Great interest was aroused by the possibilities of visualizing the locations of hazardous work on the schematic map of the enterprise or the whole production, as well as the elaboration of the issue of protection of personal data.
Representatives of leading consulting companies working in the field of occupational safety, industrial safety and personnel present at the round table noted that such IT solutions can favorably change the situation in the field of occupational safety and health at many industrial enterprises, being a connecting link in the implementation of many projects in this area.
You can view the presentations of the INDORA system at the following link.
You can always get more detailed information about INDORA by leaving a request.