Fast joint victory of Tactise and EVRAZ NTMK
July 20, 2018
Today EVRAZ is committed to creating its own effective system of OSHMS that meets all requirements and is aimed at improving the level of safety and production efficiency. To solve this important task, Tactise trainers held a seminar consisting of two main blocks:
Leadership in occupational safety and health.
A sustainable risk management system based on human factors, aimed at ZERO injury rate.
The seminar was held in the format of lively discussion and exchange of views. All participants were fully involved in this two-day security marathon. In order to ensure that the knowledge gained was well assimilated and effectively used, several specific cases were considered.
It is sometimes difficult to instantly feel the benefits of training programs and discussions of this kind, but Tactise trainers are used to achieving concrete results. Thanks to the active involvement of the EVRAZ NTMK team in just two days, a new effective model of the system of safety performance management systems was successfully created, which will significantly improve production performance and ensure safe working conditions.
The team is grateful to all participants of the seminar for their active participation and practical use of educational material. The mission of Tactise was and remains to increase the safety of people and production, prevent accidents, but real results can be achieved only together.