October 4, 2018
Companies demonstrating high security results tend to have high profit margins. Dmitry Kozlov, CEO of Tactise, told the participants of the second BRIF about the INDORA system, which allows to record, digitize and systematize all incidents in the company, and then use this information to prevent new risks in the field of industrial safety. So, three questions from Dmitry Kozlov.
Why is the topic of digitalization in risk management turned out to be "on the hype"?
The importance of this approach, according to Dmitry Kozlov, is due to the fact that companies that show high results in the field of security, as a rule, show good results in terms of profit. "Of course, people and their safety is the main thing, but there is also a clear economic expediency. Safety is efficiency. "
The trend to digitize information in the field of risk management is also not accidental. As Dmitry noted, "if digitalization is efficiency, then security plus digitalization is efficiency in the square."
According to the expert, today the INDORA platform works with almost 100% reliability. The system integrates information describing all production modules and processes, as well as data on failures that have occurred in their work over several years.
Why do people make mistakes in production?
According to Dmitry, there are a million answers to this question, but there is one around which the whole system presented to them is built - people work in conditions far from ideal. "We put people in imperfect working conditions and processes. If something happens in the company, the only answer we can give is the answer to the question, which we did not complete within the company. "
Practitioners periodically encounter what is called the "human factor." "We would not need such systems if we, the people, did not forget anything. In one of the security investigations, such a reason was identified as "loss of corporate memory. It turned out that an incident similar to the one under investigation had taken place in the company five years ago. " It turned out that people just forgot about him. When such significant information on risks is integrated into a single system, it will not be lost and not forgotten.
Who needs a digital production safety system?
The system is necessary, first of all, for risk owners, for example, for site managers. These people are the links between what is broadcast from the office and what is perceived by the line staff. "If the system is sharpened by the fact that the site manager understands the risks possible in his work, it will be easier for him to avoid them, and we will be able to achieve a result," said Dmitry.
Reference: INDORA is a work safety system created by Tactise. The system provides operational control of the assessment of risks and hazards, work orders-tolerances, equipment shutdown and cut-off management (isolation), safety procedures, as well as audits, competency management and lessons learned.