We carry out production safety and efficiency audits, identifying areas for improvement and potential problems before they impact employees' health. We also check equipment integrity, reliability of facilities, the environment, and the company's reputation
Choose from a range of world-class Audit services we offer to cover your entire HSE, Process Safety and Operations Management Systems – from intents to processes and field performance. Tactise delivers innovative, customized auditing solutions everywhere you do business.

Our audit teams offer global experience and exceptional quality of work ensuring that your projects, processes and operations meet and exceed regulations and standards following best world practices. Our dedicated, experienced and highly competent team of consultants and auditors work to bring Safety & Excellence® worldwide.

Auditing is a core safety management activity, providing a means of identifying potential problems before they have an impact on safety and performance. Tactise helps to build and verify risk based Audits structure within an organization of any scale. Voluntary and mandatory, external and internal audits for corporate, functional or asset level – our experts will put their energy to help your with full specter of HSE, Process Safety and Operational Excellence audits.

We've made innovations work for you to deliver best in class audits supporting your organization continuous improvement, strengthen your business, providing you the validated information necessary to make informed business decisions.
Tactise experts carry out work on all elements of the risk management system: both on the system as a whole and on its individual elements
Founder & CEO
Dmitry Kozlov is one of the leading experts in HSE and operational excellence in Russia and CIS. Founder and CEO of Tactise company.
Heading the HSE and Process Safety units in ExxonMobil and Shell subsidiaries, working with variety of mining and metallurgy companies, Dmitry introduced new Safety & Excellence approach. Dmitry is also a holder of PhD «Human factor management on HSE" at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys.

Elena is a trainer in various HSE areas with many years of experience. Elena has implemented many projects in a risk-based approach to safety and production efficiency. By picking up an approach to personnel of various levels and specialties, Elena effectively establishes communication and creates a positive atmosphere in her trainings.
Artem is a consultant who provide Operational Excellence and Process Safety knowledge and skills in Oil and Gas industry.
Shell and Exxon Mobil major projects experience gives him imagination of the best-in-class business processes.
Artem is eager to develop solutions, share best practices and drive inmprovements around the Globe.
Audit results and analysis

Audits which limit observations to items of regulatory non-compliance are of limited value, because they will not encourage the audited organization to act proactively. Tactise Audit protocols and reports are state of the art. They provide you with structured analysis describing strong areas of your company management systems and programs and areas which require further attention using variety of visualization and scoring methods.

You can rely on our help and advice with regards to follow up solutions and improvements suggested. Having a comprehensive library of world best practices and solutions – you won't be left along with list of findings required to be followed up.

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