Tactise training academy has more than 200 training HSE programs. We develop and conduct training programs on best practices in risk management, auditing and leadership in safety to provide all levels of employees with essential skills.
We design and conduct training programs
in which we share best risk management, audit and safety leadership practices in order to create the required skill set for all Customer's resources, from top managers to workers.
PSM (Process Safety Management)
PSM (Process Safety Management) is one of the world's best practices for implementing process safety management processes. A course on how to use equipment safely and efficiently and organize production processes. The "Process Safety Management" training is part of the PSM (Process Safety Management) consulting program from Tactise. PSM is a promising direction and a holistic approach to managing technological risks that can cause serious accidents with disastrous consequences for the facility, personnel, the environment and the reputation of the enterprise.

Incident investigation
Best in class class training in incident investigation techniques. We will consider such techniques as: root cause analysis (analysis of cause-effect relationships), TapRoot, TRIPOD, 5Why's. Effective incident investigation will significantly improve the safety culture in your enterprise, since the search and identification of the root causes of accidents and incidents creates a clear causal connection between dangerous behavior or conditions and the incident among employees - therefore making them more disciplined and responsible.
Risk management
The training aimed at the correction of behavioral safety and the development of a cultural level in the field of labor protection and industrial safety, helps to reduce general and fatal injuries at the enterprise by managing risks associated with human factors, dangerous behavior or dangerous working conditions.
In addition to the obvious advantages, an effective production risk management system is a pledge of stable operation of production and reduction of costs associated with shutdowns, reduced equipment life, fines and compensation.
According to research by international consulting companies, the Russian economy annually loses about 1.5 trillion rubles due to losses caused by occupational diseases, injuries and compensation.
Make business efficient and secure with us.
HSE leadership
The training is based on advanced training practices for managers to increase their commitment to occupational safety and industrial safety.
The course includes consideration of specific cases, examples, as well as a large theoretical block. Training is adjusted based on the specifics of the company. At the end of the program, testing is provided to consolidate the material.
Leadership in the field of OTiPB has long been a mandatory practice of successful global manufacturers and processors. Many companies have vainly invested millions in educational programs for their employees, not noticing that the effect is broken on the indifference of managers. Only by introducing practices such as the "Safe Leader" we can change the passive logic "we were told - we do it" proactively "we do it in order to save our lives, health and property of our company".
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